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Submersible Level Transmitter


Ranges: 0 to 5" WC through 0 to 300 PSIG
Extremely rugged design
Double Sealed Housing, NEMA-4X Standards
4-20 mA, 2 wire output
EMI/RFI protected
316L S/S housing with 10' cable

The PMC Submersible Transmitter has been developed for applications where it is not possible or practical to mount on the bottom or side of the tank. This transmitter is designed to be totally submersed in the process fluid. The double-sealed housing is well suited for extremely wet environments such as frequent high pressure washdowns. The vented Teflon-jacketed cable can be immersed in many types of aggressive liquids such as waste water, sea water, alkaline or acidic chemicals, fuel oils, lube oils and most solvents. It is PMC’s most rugged transmitter design.


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