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ETA-OPT Rauchgasanalyse 

PMC-SMT/EL-SAN-CV/P (Sanitary) As shown in photo

Double O-Ring Process Connection)

0 to 5" WC through 0 to 300 PSIG
+/- 5" WC through +/- 400" WC Compound
0 to 3" Hg through 0 to 30" Hg Vacuum (negative)
0 to 15 PSIA through 0 to 150 PSIA
Small sensing area – 1½ inch
Fits 3 inch diameter or larger pipes
Field programmable with Hart Communicator
316L S/S housing with 10' cable, NEMA-4X Standards
EMI/RFI protected
LCD display optional
3A Sanitary Approved
PMC Smart Electronic Pressure Transmitters accurately measure pressure of heavy slurries, liquids, and vapors. The ceramic capacitance sensor handles overloads of up to 10 times nominal range. The HART® protocol allows easy access to the configuration, test, and detailed set-up of the transmitter.


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